About Us

Ben Bays - Director / Producer

Two-time Emmy Award winner Ben Bays has been making movies in one form or another for the past 20 years. He studied film at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center where he interned at James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. Since then, Ben has worked for NBC, CBS, UPN, FOX, Warner Bros, Disney, the WB and a host of other production companies. His credits include hit shows such as Grounded for Life and America's Next Top Model. He has directed and produced numerous independent films & television series and is currently developing several new projects with various collaborators.

Chad Dutka - Producer

When he's not managing his musicians or flying across the globe doing humanitarian work, Chad Dutka produces the business end of Room 101 Productions. A veteran of the music industry, he was a booking agent and artists' manager for nearly a decade. His marketing and sales figures are equal in number only to his cell phone minutes used when on a shoot.

Fran Kelsey - Associate Producer

An accomplished author and poet, Fran Kelsey is the the little voice on all of our shoulders motivating us to excel in whatever project we're working on. She owns her own media and publishing company, and churns out novels faster than morning newspapers. Her catch phrase has become the unofficial Room 101 slogan: "Imagine"

Ryan Wentz - Associate Producer

Originally from the computer world, Ryan Wentz brought his innovative thinking and dedicated work ethic to Room 101 Productions in a tour de force that helped establish the company as a feature film production house. An international man of mystery, Ryan keeps popping up in other areas of the country working on various personal endeavours.

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